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A man from this company spent 4 hours at my Mothers house, never measured any windows, gave an estimate of $36,000 yes 36K to replace 10 windows. (they must be made of gold)

Now I'm worried because she lives in the house and my disabled sister lives with her. UGH!

He stayed there from 6 PM to 10 PM which is ludicrous. Calling the Sheriff tomorrow. This happened on August 16th, (yesterday). Now he knows where she lives and knows there is no man there, only elderly women.

In my opinion no reputable window installer would act this way, ever. He said the windows would have to be brought up to code.

I feel this is a total scam or worse. The company on his card is out of a private house.

A concerned daughter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Power Home Remodeling Group Window Replacement Estimate.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I was just visited last night by a salesman who wanted to sell me windows in an area where I would have never recouped such an investment and I stated that numerous times during his extended stay. They want you to commit to a contract on the spot for their 'free estimate'.

I insisted on researching the company first much to his dismay. I wouldn't say that I'm 'pissed' per say, but annoyed at their persistence.

I sincerely hope that they do not try to contact me again. I won't be as amiable as I was in Sam's Club when I got 'jumped'.


Stating a job is $36k or $5k, it is bad business but not unlawful. If you can/want to pay that amount, you will.

Or, you will say, "that is just darn too much" and find someone else.

Do more research and be smarter than the charlatans trying to make a living,; oh, we are too. Unethical, maybe, but about 5% of the people they quote exorbitant prices actually pay.

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