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Salesman was at my house for at least 6 hours.I finally agreed but cancelled the next day.

The project manger came out so i could sign the cacellation paperwork. He gave another cheaper quote, i still think its expensive. But the payment would work for me. After reading all these comments i'm thinking i should cancel again.

Another guy came today and did his walk around and set up when they would start the work. I might call and ask for a lower price even though he said that the price he gave me was as low as he could go.

Do i go with the company or cancel????Ant thoughts out there.

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Please don't fall for their slimy sales tactics.They've already wasted over 6 hours of your time, why give them any more?

You still think the price is expensive because it is. Listen to your gut. Sure, they'll come up with an even cheaper price, but what does that tell you? They've already jacked up their estimate so high, they can afford to lower it again and still make money off of you.

Think of all of the poor people they've already taken advantage of. Do you really want to support a company that does that?

You can find a contractor who will give you a free estimate and referrals and who is good enough that they don't have to resort to harassing door-to-door sales.Best of luck!

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