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My wife asked the guy in BJ's for an estimate on new gutters on our house. He told her he could send a rep over but not unless she asked for an estimate on a new roof as well.

When she responded that she wasn't interested in a new roof, just gutters, he told her no problem, simply ignore the roof estimate and buy the gutters if you like the price. The sales rep from Power Home Remodeling showed up a couple of hours later and proceeded to give an overly extensive lecture on Home Building and Construction Engineering. After an hour of this very boring attempt to scare her into spending way more than was necessary for a new roof that we didn't need, she told him that she needed to be leaving soon for an appointment and that he should wrap up his presentation and leave so she could go about her day. Unfazed, he continued blabbering on about all the horrible things that could happen if she didn't replace our 3 year old roof.

So much so that after another half hour I interrupted my work on my project and informed him that we needed to get ready to leave in 15 minutes, so he should please wrap it up and get to the point. Twenty minutes later with no end to his lecture in sight, I told him that he would have to leave because we had other things to do. Still unfazed, he continued his spiel. I repeated myself a bit more forcefully that he needed to leave my house, NOW!

Still sitting at my dining room table he reached for his cell phone and began to make a call. This blatant and obvious ignoring of my demand that he leave caused me to threaten to call the police if he did not immediately cease what had now become an illegal trespass in my home. Finally, he rose from my table and slowly walked toward the door, laughing at my threat to call the police if he continued to refuse my demand that he leave my house. Once outside he proceeded to call the police himself (presumably to pre-empt my call, which, since he was finally out, wasn't going to be made.

He obviously needed to concoct a story just in case I did call)... falsely reporting that there was a domestic dispute at my address and that the male homeowner had threatened to shoot him. Ten minutes later 5 cop cars showed up and my front lawn was crawling with police. Fortunately I was able to diffuse the situation immediately and they quickly left.

Although relieved that there was no domestic dispute and no weapons, the Suffolk County Police who responded were not happy that they had misdirected their resources based upon a false report. SYNOPSIS: I refused to tolerate a pushy, boring & unnecessary sales pitch from the Power Home Remodeling rep that was sent to my home by BJ's. He refused to leave until I threatened to call the police.

Then, because he didn't get the sale, he filed a false report alleging a domestic dispute involving firearms, dangerously misdirecting police resources based on his vendetta for a lost sale. NOT THE KIND OF PERSON OR COMPANY THAT YOU WANT IN YOUR HOME, EVER!

Product or Service Mentioned: Power Home Remodeling Group Sales Representative.

Reason of review: sales rep illegal trespass .

Preferred solution: change hiring and training policy for sales reps.

I didn't like: Criminal trespass in my home by sales rep.

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While we’re sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with your experience receiving a free home estimate, we’d like to respond to some of the details included in your review.

After reading your account of what transpired during your free home estimate, we were concerned and immediately conducted our own internal investigation.

After discussing the matter with all parties involved, there are clear and repeated inconsistencies between the claims in your post and the account presented by the representative you met with.

It is true that our representative called the police to report a domestic dispute, however it was not to pre-empt a threatened call regarding trespassing.

Our representative called to file a report after he had been presented with the threat of violence and personally witnessed an altercation at the home. Our representative maintains that he was interrupted mid-presentation for a roofing replacement, and abruptly told to leave. After calmly presenting photo evidence of issues he discovered during his inspection and recommending that these issues be resolved soon to protect the integrity of the property, he was more forcefully asked to leave under the threat of violence.

At this point our representative began to pack up his things and prepared to leave.

It was then that an altercation broke out in front of the house between the two homeowners, and he did not want to leave the scene without alerting the authorities as he was concerned for the safety of those involved.

We regret that your experience was less than satisfactory, but we refute the accuracy of the claims listed in your post.

We would be happy to discuss this situation further if you’d like. Our Customer Service team can be reached at (888) 736-6335, option 4 at the prompt and they will be able to direct your call accordingly.

to Power Home Remodeling #1502094

You are a load of crap. Change my mind why don't you and fix the *** job your *** company put on my roof.

You killed my grass. Broke our ceiling beam.

And the warped wood is popping up. You know who I am.Fix it.

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