A few months ago my sister who owns her own home and does a lot of work on it herself called them for a Quote. They refused to talk to her because she was a woman.

They would come out to even do a quote unless I was there. It's not my house and I know nothing about windows, when we complained we were told it was company policy. Your company policy is sexism? You don't sell to women?

I'm going to tell everyone I know and work with to find some one else to go to.

Which seeing as I sell material to contractors such as decking and Tyvek that actually means something. These people are trash, go some where else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Power Home Remodeling Group Customer Care.

Reason of review: Sexism.

Preferred solution: Fire your salesman.

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We are having problems with this company too! They put in a skylight that leaks & won't fix it.

So that maybe why they won't deal with us because we are women here. We don't know what to do, water is pouring through ceiling for a month and they continue to lie to us saying they will fix it & send same guy that is worthless.

I guess I will have to pay for lawyer. Home Advisor recommends them with 5 star reviews & they are ripping people off.


What they want is "both" of the homeowners there at the presentation. I have had a similar "high pressure" roofing company come out twice and both times 2 of us had to be present and a ridiculously high quote that would miraculously drop a couple of grand if we signed immediately.

to GRStheMan #1579506

A legitimate company will do that, too. Between gas, tolls, rep time and admin overhead.

A free site visit is free for the homeowner but costs the company about 500 bucks. If the guy has to come back, it’s another 500 bucks.

If he has to come back a second time it’s another 1000 bucks etc. Someone who is able to make a decision on visit 1 instead of visit 3 saves the company 1000 bucks in operating cost- why shouldn’t they get the best price

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