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Power HRG -- Say 'No Thank You'

If you just say 'No Thank You' to the nice guy dropped off in your neighborhood to sign you up for free estimates for new windows, you will not have to endure the experience my husband and I went through recently. Please note, after the fact we read the reviews for the company on various websites -- the bad reviews were very similar but I will take this one step further.

****The Sales person arrived at my house on time and was in my house OVER 6 HOURS!****

After a very impressive but LONG sales presentation we finally got the price which I thought was outrageous. We were provided a "sign right now" price and a "after he left, good for one year" price. We turned him down a few times and he kept coming back with discounts that he could apply to lower the "sign right now" price. The "after he left, good for one year" price was never discounted. We are 5 hours into the presentation, we've had no dinner and had to work the next morning -- this was ridiculous. There seemed to be no end in sight, we felt like he would not leave until we signed. Finally, he lowered the price (appox $1400) from original and said that was as low as he could go and he would be taking no commission on this deal. Apprehensively, we signed - which took another hour of paperwork. As he was getting ready to pack up and leave, he said to us "If you turn around and cancel this, I will feel like you stabbed me in the back -- I feel like we are friends now." We let this comement slide unnoticed and got him out the door.

****The Cancellation Process -- HOW EASY or SO IT SEEMED****

My husband and I woke up the next morning with a bad feeling about what happened the night before. The price wasn't great and there were a couple of product items we didn't like but could probably deal with at the right price BUT the comment the sales person last said to us was just not acceptable and the was 'the straw that broke the camel's back'. The paperwork included a 'Notice of Cancellation' -- you can cancel within 3 business days without penalty or obligation by signing the 'Notice of Cancellation' form and mailing to the home office in Chester PA -- so we cancelled. We received a call from a Power HRG representative the day the home office received our cancellation form and stated they needed to set up a time to send out someone because the paperwork did not contain the 'offical cancellation form' and we needed to sign another form. The representative noticed my hestiation and stated "it was not a Sales Person coming, it was a Courier with the cancellation form - should only take 5 or 10 minutes." We agreed to a day and time.

On the day the Courier is scheduled and about 45 minutes prior to the scheduled time, I noticed a car slowly passing my house and the driver looking at my house (maybe the number on the mailbox). Then I see the same car pass again about a minute later -- I see this same car PASS MY HOUSE AT LEAST 7 TIMES in the 45 minutes prior to the scheduled time and then pull into my driveway on time. I could understand if you arrive early in the area and you want to do a drive-by to check where the house is, but that was ABSURD. Anyway, driver gets out an introduces himself -- NOT A COURIER as the representative from Power HRG indicated -- but a QUALITY ASSURANCE Rep from Power HRG. The intentional LIE of having another Power HRG rep at my house on top of the drive bys that occured really started to irritate me. The QA Rep asked to go inside and I stated 'No, Power HRG has taken up enough of our time. We have our pens in hand and are ready to sign the cancellation form. We were told this would only take 5-10 mintues." He stated had a survey to go through - he needed to ask us questions and note our replies. We should have said 'No Thank You'. but we told him all the issues we had and why we cancelled. The QA Rep apologized for everything and said he wanted to "make this right -- to offer us another "sign right now" price - a friends and family discount price." This "friends and family discount" price was $5900 lower than the original -- and this really made me mad. To go through that 6+ hour ordeal with the Sales rep and were told he couldn't go any lower and now have this QA rep take up more of my time (15 mins now) and then offer a much lower price -- I told him he needed to leave.

Thank you to all that have read this and proceed with EXTREME CAUTION if you see POWER HRG in your neighborhood. On the sunny side, if you're patient enough and want to endure this extremely long process, then cancel and wait for the QA rep -- you'll get a much better price.

Product or Service Mentioned: Power Home Remodeling Group Remodeling.

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We have done a lot of researching for replacement windows for the home, ie. Renewal by Anderson, Home Depot, Loews and numerous contractors.

We are fully educated on quality products and prices.

Let the sales game begin! BTW, this retired home owner is retired from the construction industry, which is quit helpful :)



I just had a 3 hour long conversation with the Power HRM representative. He quoted me a price of $49,000 for a 3300 sq ft.

root. They must be bonkers to think I'd sign with them. Other estimates I got ranged from $9000 - $14,000. This company uses high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign and offers a "First Day Discount" price i.e.

you have to sign with them on the first meeting with the rep.

I was firm and said no. I am almost sure that they will keep coming back and hounding me to sign partly using fear tactics and partly using flattery and sweet talk.

to Anonymous #1466190

Good for you in saying "no". From experience, you will now be receiving daily calls that will simply hang up if they get your answering machine.

It may be tomorrow, it may be in six months, but they will start their daily calls, which amounts to harassment. If you can't block them, be sure to report each call to the DNC website. Power Home Remodeling is in the process of being investigated for illegal sales calls.

Any and all reporting will actually help. My calls stopped after 20 reports.


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My wife and I just had a similar encounter with a Power HRG sales guy for a new roof. Fortunately, they were our 5th quote.

He tried to sell us Power shield as well. The first 4 quotes with comparable materials and warranties for a 2250 sq ft home ranged from $7400 - $13000. Power HRG's quote was $39800. The look on my wife's face was of disbelief.

This guy was in our home for over 4 hours with the same speech.

It was big waist of time.

New Fairfield, Connecticut, United States #1324892

In April while shopping at BJ's I was approached by one of these Power sign up people. I set up a 6PM appointment.

I figured this thing would be 1 1/2 hours long for a roof estimate. This guy was at my home for three hours before my wife announced she's going to bed. He quoted 41k for a roof, gutters and cappings. I told him I just want a new roof.

He replied with a quote of 27k with a 21k sign tonight quote after stepping out to make a "phone call to his company"

I had other roofing businesses give me quotes between 6-8k, These people at Power will do everything possible to get you to sign up. They will try scare tactics. They will down talk the small business owner. They will promise you a project that anyone else will do at a ridiculous price.

You won't know it's an outrageous price, unless youget several quotes.

After this guys long presentation I told him he sounded like an infomercial.

If I act now they will throw in a second roof ...just pay for nails. He then left.


Same experience. I could not get him to leave after 3 hours.

At 9:00 at night, not having had dinner, I said he had to go. He actually said I could invite him for dinner as he saw it sitting there for two hours

Manchester, Connecticut, United States #1282851

They just left. My husband stood there listening to him tell us about our roof.

That is until I walked up.

We do not know who you are, and this is a rather odd way of selling anyone a roof. Let me take your flyer and go check you out on the internet.

Thanks for saving us a nightmare.

Your reviews are greatly appreciated.


hi, where can I go to get my tax information so I can file for 2017.

to jose villagomez Herndon, Virginia, United States #1292973

A tax information forum!........

Addison, Texas, United States #1243853

Thank you for your comment.

Its now Nov 2016 and a salesman came to my door and I made and appointment but had a funny feeling as he did not give me a phone number but just a brochure with my appointment date.

I wanted to call and cancel. I was fortunate that they never showed up or called.

to Anonymous #1427576

Cause your credit was dog ***

Clifton, New Jersey, United States #1221986

Thank you so much for posting this. They just knocked on my door! So glad we just had everything done.

Framingham, Massachusetts, United States #1213511

Wow, I'm so glad I found this. I had the sales rep last night and succeeded in saying "no" and getting him to leave.

I wanted a quote on replacing a huge bay window that is old and a problem, but not a priority in my budget to do right now (in the middle of a kitchen remodel) - just wanted to get info on what it would cost. He was here for 2 hours which I thought was long but not that long compared to some stories here. Same as many commenters, the price kept dropping as I said no thanks, with every sales trick in the book - the sign now price was $1.5K less than the one year quote, then he dropped it two more times by big amounts (called his PM, went out to his car, came back with reasons he could drop it). I still said no because this was not an expense I planned on taking on right now, period, and my company was just acquired by another company, and I feel like I might get laid off!!

Now I'm glad I did because there are a lot of negatives online about this company, even if some people (PHRG plants?) say they had a good experience.

Bottom line, it's a very high pressure sales pitch and very manipulative, which is sleazy in itself. Thanks for validating my gut reaction to it!!

Santa Barbara, California, United States #1208881

A rep tried to get me to schedule an appointment today. I asked for a phone # to call if we decided to have them come back.

No #. How about a brochure? they could not leave a brochure unless I made an appt., this seemed a bit sketchy. He directed me to their website.

Found this instead. My gut reaction to tell them No, seems right.l

Morristown, New Jersey, United States #1196132

So lets get this straight. You agreed to the appt.

You let the sales guy in.

Enjoyed his sales pitch, and then signed the agreement. You sound ridiculous.


Thanks for this. Our cancelation guy is coming next week

to Anonymous Manchester, Connecticut, United States #1282856

fax it is is quicker and it comes with a receipt to prove they got it. NOBODY has to come to your home ever again.


I have power windows and they are great! Secondly Power is not even located in Dallas TX period

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