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Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Advertised vs Delivered
If your home does not have central air these windows are not for you! I signed the paper that the salesman assured me the air conditionrers would fit but come spring and the w indows did not open enough to put them in. They came out and adjusted the balance to open the windows and put them in but told me they would do it only as long as I had these air conditioners. Any new ones I bought had to fit ! So now I have a choice suffer heat or put...
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I've had both my roof and windows done. The crews were extremely professional and timely. Every nail or piece of trash was picked up and taken away. We didn't have to ask, it was just done. The work is spectacular. I love my windows and the roof looks fantastic. I've had to call a few time for a shingle missing or a replacement latch on my window, and they were at my house immediately. And how can you beat the lifetime warranty that is...
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I hired Power Home Remodeling to do my windows and I was very happy with the results. I like that they are customs made to fit your house and they do not make the house fit the Windows. I liked the demonstration with a heat lamp. I couldn't feel any heat with the Power window. I felt that It was a good value for premium custom window. They paid attention to details by cauking inside and out and I love the life time warranty..
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Yeah it took forever when I bought my windows and roof (7 hours)... But you cannot tell me you were serious about fixing up your house if you didn't appreciate the education they provide on everything that is going into your house. Any time I've used contractors they come at me with "you don't need that" and cheap alternatives to "save me money" - then they sub it out for cheap labor and I have no idea what's going on or it doesn't get done...
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I liked
  • Just about everything so far
  • Quality of materials
Finally I have a new bay window that replaces the one that was poorly installed by power windows and leaked from day one. When the old one was taken out the contractor could not believe how unstable the framework was. They had to rebuild the entire opening before they could install the new window!! Oh and just another note to you potential customers--if you have a new roof put on or new siding many years after they install a window----just...
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Had these windows installed 2002 in 2008 we bought home with them installed here with a promise of lifetime warranty transferd to us they fixed broken window when we moved in, but a couple years later had a few more bad windows that leaked gas and was told they no longer go with that manufacturer so our warranty is no good any more so were stuck paying to fix them I think no matter what they should honor their lifetime warranty.
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On October 29th, 2015. I decided to choose Power Windows after 3 presentations and countless phone calls. I loved the product but couldn't get passed the sales tactics and the $8700 difference in pricing from one day to the next. My third salesperson gave me a quote of $32,000 for 16 windows. I questioned the $13,000 difference from my last quote, the rep informed me that all of my windows needed buck frames. My contractor installed them at 1/3...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of proffessionalism
  • Customer service
  • Lying and manipulation
I was scheduled for 9/16, they screwed up and had 9/22. Here I am waiting for them. I pulled apart all my rooms that I now have to set back up and pull back apart again in 5 days. NOT HAPPY!! Bad customer service and they will not provide any compensation. What about the day I took off to be home?????? They do not seem to understand that it is not easy for everyone to just take another day off and also how much work I did to prepare and how...
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Power Home Remodeling Group Windows Installation Review

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Power home remodeling is an amazing organization.. The work was completed in one day.. With no money down!! Had all my windows replaced along with my front door and attic insulation. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.