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I was cold contacted by a door-to-door salesman about siding installation.He said they had installed siding for a neighbor behind us (not true) and asked if I wanted an appointment.

I setup an appointment, guy comes out and gives an impressive sales pitch. During the pitch he begins to demonstrate some of the chemicals in the siding. He's about to mix water with these powders and I tell him, that won't be necessary, but he insists so he dumps the powder from one jar into a cup of water. The powder doesn't mix with the water.

He explains this is what is in the vinyl siding. Then he dumps the stuff into my sink. I think nothing more of it. The pitch ends with an quote to do the work--65k, 80k if we want them to remove the old siding.

The house would list for about 300k, so I'm not sure where 80 thousand was coming from. I laugh internally and bid the salesman good day. Back to the mystery chemical. We leave for a few hours and come back to find that the chemical dumped into the sink and drain has expanded into a gel.

Of course this stops up the drain. I call powerhrg to ask them what this is and if I can run draino though it. The reponse is "we'll have a manager call you".

I never got that call but I did get to spend the Saturday removing the chemical sludge from my drain.With that level of service I would be weary of spending any money with these guys.

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