I worked at power home remodeling group for awhile! It came to the point where I just couldn't take lying to people at their door everyday!

I wasn't one of those sales snakes, just door to door. The people I met while on the job were nice people, and I knowingly was setting them up for a hard sale!! That's all PHRG is a BIG LIE! Look on the BBB webpage.

They were accredited with a A+ rating in 2012, but they have been in buisness for over 22 years? I wonder why?? Wait why are they called "power hone remodeling group now, and not power windows and siding? They had to change thier name because they had such a bad review!!!

Trust me coming from the inside. NEVER do work with them or work there!!!!!

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A+ Ratings with the BBB means that they pay the BBB a membership.

The BBB is a scam in itself, it is funded by other businesses.


I used to work there too it's an awful place where they train you to believe their lies so you are more believable when you ruin some poor persons retirement years. They should be closed down.


I work rhwere and make 80k a year for helping people with future needs..sorry tour a bad marketer and had tovlie to get people to do it..but that's on you

to phrg Vineland, New Jersey, United States #828995

Dude, either learn how to spell or stop posting. It figure that you work "rhwere".

to wawa #844776

Wawa, he's an employee, trust me

to phrg Riverside, New Jersey, United States #834917

I worked with them for a day. Made my money, then quit.

If you dedicate your worthless mind to this garbage - the pyramid scheme will reward you. From an outsider's perspective: you're a douche who harasses people at home.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #816926

HELP - Has anyone managed to cancel the contract AFTER the 3 day limit? Considering the price scam and their sales tactics there must be some legal way to get out of it.

to Anonymous Newark, New Jersey, United States #821864

Just cancel it. They will tell you you need to give them 15% for breaking the contract.

While that is true, they have never nor will pursue legal action. I've worked there and they may even offer to lower the price, cancel immediately.

If they refuse to leave, threaten to call the police. They will never bother you again.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #807955

Thanks for the heads up, these are *** scams like vivent home security! RIPOFF ARTISTS

Streamwood, Illinois, United States #775791

I usually don't answer the door when someone comes but I was in the window when the appointment setter showed up so I felt obligated to go to my door.

He said someone in my neighborhood was getting new windows and he was just checking to see if anyone else was interested.

I knew that was a line. Who gets windows in the middle of winter when its been sub zero and snowing every other day unless its an emergency?

I have all new windows in my house except one big bay that should be replaced. I told him well, sure I'll get the estimate because I will replace it eventually and I'm curious about the cost.

I knew better as soon as he handed me HIS cellphone to set my own appointment. I was thinking, 'wow this is weird...'

I have a flexible schedule and decided I would work from home the day I made the appointment - not a BIG deal but I did arrange my schedule for their benefit.

At 830 a.m.

I got a call from what was an obvious call center just saying "We're overbooked and understaffed today we can't make the appointment. We'll call again." I had set the appointment 7 days out. Okay........ I wasn't going to buy anyway, but maybe I would have recommended them to someone else, maybe I'd come into some money, who knows.

What good contractor would call you with that kind of excuse and not want to set up an apointment immediately? Hopefully the call rejection I set up will keep them from harrassing me in the future. Reading all these reviews confirmed my suspicions about this company.

Such a weird experience overall and I never even got the in home estimate. Glad I wasn't serious about them.

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