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We need to replace the ancient windows on our home and were curious enough to make an appointment to get a quote. The salesperson arrived at 4:30 and leisurely proceeded to 1) chat about our family 2) sell us on the merits of Power in a way that made me fear we were about to get a mult-level marketing pitch 3) measure, test and inspect every window in our house 4) haul in all sorts of samples 5) spend forever calculating a quote 6) offer replace the windows on our 1600 sq ft house for a mere $18,000 dollars 7) use his best car dealership closing tactics changing the quote multiplr times 8) and finally leaving 3.5 hrs later but promising to contact us later.

Please don’t.

You didn’t bat an eye as I had to work around you to make my baby and preschooler dinner. You pestered my husband when he is normally helping our children with baths and reading stories.

You seemed to not understand that we would never ever pay almost 20,000 for windows because that would be a disastrous financial choice for our family. We simply don’t have time for any company that has so little regard for our family.

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I am about to contact the company to complain about this service. I will return a later comment, pending the outcome of our discussion.


Why not just say "Get our of my house?" Instead of berating a salesman who probably also has children, just be curt and say LEAVE my house. It is up to the homeowner to escort the guest out the door.

to ThinkingWolf #1572352

I had a similar experience and we did ask him nicely to leave several times and hr would not lrave until I literally walked him out of my house and got in my car to leave. Now he calls me several times a day.

It was like inviting in a vampire.

The only reason I haven't permanently blocked his number is so I can prank call him someday. Lol.

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