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    • Other work done at neighbor 2
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    • Sales tactics 14
    • Harassing calls 9
    • Arrogance 8
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The Power Home Remodeling door to door salesman visited my home today on a Saturday morning. The Power Rep. wanted to sell me a new roof and mentioned the neighbor four blocks away who I don't know, and said they had just used their service. When I explained that I have a friend in the roofing business who is already scheduled to replace our roof, the Power Rep. told me that I would need to replace my roof twice. How he knows this is beyond... Read more

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Wanted a simple estimate... Figured it would take 30 minutes, max. Guy was here for 3 and a half hours. It took 2 hours for the sales pitch, 30 minutes to look at our roof, and another hour to try and convince us to purchase that day to get their "best deal". I'm sure their product is good and the sales pitch was great, but WAY too pushy, and after saying no 5 times the guy still kept trying... Not a comfortable or worthwhile experience when I... Read more

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We were impressed with the roofing system the salesman described. It sounded terrific, and they had very cool presentation materials that made their case well. They offered us one price, $35,000, that they said was in line with industry averages for a high-end quality system, and another, $30,000, if we signed immediately - not later in the day, but immediately. After thinking about it and being assured that nothing would increase the price... Read more

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This will now be the 3rd time I have used Power and each time has been a pleasurable experience. if you are looking to get the job done right the first time Power is the company you are looking for. everyone is professional and do their best to provide the best experience. They educate in great detail and then deliver. Couldn't be happier with our decision. They have gone far above and beyond for me and my family. The only complaint I have... Read more

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Power home remodeling is an amazing organization.. The work was completed in one day.. With no money down!! Had all my windows replaced along with my front door and attic insulation. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.

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I am actually quite surprised with all the negative reviews about this company. We just had our roof replaced by Power, and we are really pleased with the work. We received many compliments from our neighbors.. What I find most people are complaining about is the pushy tactics...which I get, but lots of companies do that as well...aggressive sales. The presentations were thorough and we got everything they said we would get....professional... Read more

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If your home does not have central air these windows are not for you! I signed the paper that the salesman assured me the air conditionrers would fit but come spring and the w indows did not open enough to put them in. They came out and adjusted the balance to open the windows and put them in but told me they would do it only as long as I had these air conditioners. Any new ones I bought had to fit ! So now I have a choice suffer heat or put... Read more

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Many calls later, we finally made an appointment for a quote on our windows and roof. After them insisting that all home owners need to be there for a simple quote and taking the time off our businesses...they call 5 minutes to the scheduled time saying they are going to be another 35 minutes. We lost our entire morning, no show, no quote. After reading the customer complaints, I'm glad they didn't show up. How awful, no consideration for... Read more

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My son is looking to have his front window replaced. A salesman came and I thought he would never leave. All he should have done was measure and provide an estimate based on the window type period. He went on and on and even showed a sample. I finally got fed up and asked how much. He still went on and on. Finally the estimate was $8,500 but if he signed today it would be $7000. Such ***. It gets even better. The following morning we went to a... Read more

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I do agree that their sales tactics are a bit pushy, but you can't argue with success. I've had both my roof and windows done. The crews were extremely professional and timely. Every nail or piece of trash was picked up and taken away. We didn't have to ask, it was just done. The work is spectacular. I love my windows and the roof looks fantastic. I've had to call a few time for a shingle missing or a replacement latch on my window, and they... Read more

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